UI Development Training in Bangalore

During the UX / UI Design career, you will learn the whole process of creating a digital product through user centered design. You will learn UI Development Training in Bangalore to use prototyping tools, graphic design, as well as techniques to test the usability of your products.

Introduction to UI Technologies:-

  • UI Developer roles and responsibilities
  • UX designer roles
  • Technologies needed
  • Power of UI
  • Current market requirements on UI
  • Sample Web pages
  • Crawling and meta tags

After the course you will be able to:

  • Create and define an MVP.
  • Understand the life cycle of a digital product.
  • Differentiate between good and bad user experiences.
  • Select the most suitable work tactic for your project.
  • Define a model of People to deal with design solutions.
  • Know and interpret usage metrics through Heat Maps.
  • Know the different Design Patterns and learn how they work.
  • Design wireframes and functional prototypes.
  • Master all the tools and resources that are used to develop a good interface design.
  • Understand the concepts of responsive, grids and mobile first so that your design adapts well to any device.
  • Create the structure and wireframe the basis of your interface design.
  • Build a high design navigable prototype with good graphics quality.

How to become a UI and UX designer

Being a specialized designer in one of the two is the current work trend, so it is important that you first know that a professional in UX focuses on how the user feels the product, while the UI establishes how to appeal the product. To get Authorised certification to join in UI Development Training in Bangalore.

Many designers are learning both skills and others are specializing in one, but the important thing is how to finish the job.

The functions of both branches vary, because UI is in charge of the content, of the visual design, the architecture of the information; while the UX is responsible for human factors, solve through design and sound.

Both require different skills and aptitudes: a UI must have a developed aesthetic sense, principles of interaction, understand computerized tools; while the UX must be curious with human psychology, understand the user in transactions, and focus on patterns.

Both must update their knowledge on these branches, be in contact with professionals with more than 5 years of experience in the subject; Learn the HTML, CSS, Jquery and XML codes.

Understand the system: design with the order in grids; Explore many projects to improve the organization in the project. As well as reading specialized books, attending face-to-face or online courses and watching tutorials.

Become an Expert in UI / UX

The career is composed of a set of courses that complement each other providing a comprehensive training for the analysis and continuous improvement of the experience of the users of your sites and apps.

The training begins with introductory courses for those who take their first steps in the world of Web Development to reach advanced levels. It is based on the main international standards on topics such as usability, accessibility, content and architecture, among others. So if you want to reach advanced level join in UI Development Training in Bangalore.

The ultimate goal is to train professionals capable of methodologically analyzing the operation and improving the navigation of sites, portals and applications.

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